Sunday, December 2, 2007

Penang Murder Case of little Ying Ying

July 10, 2007
Shock twist in case of dead toddler

Mum, boyfriend arrested over murder of girl, 3, in Penang
Woman broke down after four hours of questioning: Cops

THREE days after making an appeal for help in finding her missing daughter, a Penang woman and her boyfriend have been arrested in connection with the little girl's murder in a twist to the case that has shocked Malaysians.
Hours after the arrest of married saleswoman Jess Teh, 28, and her 29-year-old live-in boyfriend on Sunday, police reportedly discovered the toddler's charred clothes and remains scattered over at least four sites across the island.

Teh had reported her three-year-old daughter, Shearwey Ooi Ying Ying, missing on Friday, and Malaysia was gripped by the case the following day when she used a press conference to make a tearful plea for help in finding the girl.

The plea sent thousands of volunteers into action. Many joined in the search, while others printed leaflets and offered rewards for information.

A 1,000-strong volunteer search team led by the local Malaysian Chinese Association scoured the island and distributed flyers.

But police delivered shocking news yesterday, saying they got a break in the case when Teh broke down under four hours of questioning.

She allegedly told investigators that the girl was already dead - while volunteers were carrying out their increasingly frantic search.

Her boyfriend, an entertainment outlet manager whose name has not been revealed, was then picked up, and police questioned staff at a petrol kiosk where he allegedly bought petrol to burn the victim's body.

South-west district police chief Hatta Mohd Zain said that the Balik Pulau magistrate yesterday issued an order for their detention for 10 days for investigations.

And he told The Straits Times: 'We are confident that we have solved the case.'

Teh had claimed she had left the little girl by her car near a market while she crossed the street to pay a parking ticket, and returned to find the toddler gone.

But police say there were many inconsistencies in her story, and local newspapers have said the girl may have been killed by the boyfriend while Teh was at work.

The toddler's body is then believed to have been taken to the Paya Terubong Chinese cemetery and burnt.

Investigators say that, after questioning, the boyfriend led them to the apartment he shared with Teh in the couple's rented home in Bandar Baru Air Itam, the cemetery and other places.

Police combed seven areas for clues, and spent an hour in the apartment.

Ying Ying's burnt bone fragments were reported to have been found at a tombstone in the cemetery and near two rivers, while her charred pyjamas were discovered in a rubbish dump near the apartment.

The bone fragments and other items, including a mattress taken from the apartment, have been sent for forensic tests.

Police say they have yet to establish a motive or work out how the girl was killed.

Local media have reported that Teh and Ying Ying's father Ooi Eng Chew, who works in China, are in the midst of divorce proceedings.

Mr Ooi rushed home yesterday night after getting the news.

According to police, Teh and her boyfriend have been together for a year. A neighbour was quoted by the national news agency Bernama as saying that the couple quarrelled frequently.

News of the girl's death has shocked Penang residents and plunged her family into deep grief.

At the Bandar Baru Air Itam apartment block where her grandparents live, The Star reported that loud wails could be heard several doors away.

Ying Ying's grandmother was heard saying: 'Why take the life of an innocent child? I took care of her until she was so big and they killed her just like that.'

It's such a sad news! Another case similar to that of Huang Na's. How could someone be so heartless to do such an inhumanne act?! What the hell is the mom doing? Trying to cover up for your lover and land your daughter in hell?! The poor girl can't even die in peace with her body pieces scattered everywhere. Although some had been found, her head and most parts of her body are no where to be seen.

I went to Youtube and saw some video clips in which a HongKong spiritual show - Guai Tan, tried to carry out some ritual for Ying Ying to help her find her body pieces. I was so grief-stricken to see how her grandma and dad react. During the ritual, when the host asked Ying Ying (her spirit)if she hated her mom, she replied yes and when asked if she would want to be reincarnated to be her dad's daughter again, she also replied yes. It really made my heart heavy when I saw these scenes. How can the mom lied about Ying Ying's missing to cover the fact that her boyfriend murdered her own daughter, Ying Ying? Is she that heartless, cold-blodded?! How could a mother do that to her own blood? It's so infuriatng!

Ying ying's dad even told the hosts that Ying Ying actually appeared in his dream and she was crying bitterly with blood tears; she wanted to revenge. She died in such an injustifiable death and with no complete body! I sincerely hope that the police can find back her full body back and let her rest in peace. And hopefully the mom and her boyfriend will get the deserved punishment!


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